About Us

Whether you want to be a star or simply to come out of your shell, everyone SHINES at Dimensions On Stage!

“I have always thought of a place in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where I grew up, where all the things I love- dancing, singing, acting- exist simultaneously. A place where talent is nurtured, character is cultivated, and the artists themselves become the subject of the work.” Lauren McElroy, Director

Dimensions On Stage was created to offer young performers a space to explore, learn, play and cultivate their talents and imagination. We believe that experience in the performing arts builds confidence and self awareness, aids in public speaking and sharpens intuition.

Our acting, singing and theatre classes are fun, fully involved experiences taught by successful actors, singers and trained professionals.

Dimensions On Stage
7601-3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
Phone: 718-833-4167
We love e-mail!: DimensionsOnStage@gmail.com

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