My students always exceed my expectations. But for the entire school to do that? I am absolutely blown away. Our Girl Power! showcase was truly the best production we have ever produced. Every student not only looked great but the energy in the room was electrifying! In a time where our country, our world, our society is recognizing change for the better, I think it directly is effecting our kids and how they approach it. Not only were there lessons to be learned given the material that each class presented last week. But, an enormous wave of confidence was presented school wide and I, and I know I speak for the rest of the team, could not be prouder of what your children have accomplished. We are certainly cooking with gas now as we start to prepare for our company show “Willy Wonka”! I, as well as Miss Lauren and the team hope you are as excited as we are to continue our journey through performance together! Bravo to everyone involved- we truly created magic!


Miss Ashley

Holiday Traditions

2018 flourished with tradition! Not only did our Theatre Troupe continue with our Christmas Show tradition performing their now 6th performance at Christ Church in conjunction with the Bay Ridge Kids. But, our 2nd annual caroling night brought in over $300 for Charity Water! These kids have been working so hard across the board with audition prep for middle/ high school, as well as our Winter Showcase: GIRL POWER! Every single class from ages 3-16 has been costumed and prepared for a fabulous performance on January 19th! How fast time flies when you’re having fun! We also have invested in some new rehearsal furniture for the studio, as well as some period costumes that will help our students really develop their characters within any time period!

Happy holidays and blessings in the new year to all of our DOS families! We are so proud of all of your hard work and cannot wait to see what talents and discoveries 2019 will bring!

With love,

Miss Ashley, Miss Lauren, Miss Danielle, Miss Cassie, Miss Justine and Miss Kayla

Beauty and the Beast

My students never cease to amaze me.  With a few changes late into the rehearsal process, everyone really stepped up and took responsibility and ownership of their roles.  With this being the largest show we have ever done, we are so grateful as a staff to have been able to add many new elements into our show.  With the fundraising from the 2018 talent show, we were able to purchase a new large curtain, as well as fog machines to enhance the experience for both the actors and the audience.  I personally would like to thank and give snaps to Kathy, Beatrice, and Chris who are always there to lend a helping hand wherever we need it.  Also, as always, thank you to Our Lady of Angels for having us for our 5th full company show!  Lastly, I'd like to take a moment to thank my students for making my job SO EASY!  I know I also speak for the entire staff, especially Miss Lauren, in saying that watching you grow is our greatest joy!  Have a wonderful summer everyone and we will see you at Summer Camp!!!


-Miss Ashley