My students always exceed my expectations. But for the entire school to do that? I am absolutely blown away. Our Girl Power! showcase was truly the best production we have ever produced. Every student not only looked great but the energy in the room was electrifying! In a time where our country, our world, our society is recognizing change for the better, I think it directly is effecting our kids and how they approach it. Not only were there lessons to be learned given the material that each class presented last week. But, an enormous wave of confidence was presented school wide and I, and I know I speak for the rest of the team, could not be prouder of what your children have accomplished. We are certainly cooking with gas now as we start to prepare for our company show “Willy Wonka”! I, as well as Miss Lauren and the team hope you are as excited as we are to continue our journey through performance together! Bravo to everyone involved- we truly created magic!


Miss Ashley